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Dating sites for people who like house music

Dating sites for people who like house music

Techno lovers now have their very own dating site, Techno Dating knows maybe you'll meet someone who loves techno just as much as you. For example, I don't want to say never, but it would be really hard for me to date someone who didn't like the Beatles. That's where music dating.

As many of you know, I created In-House Music some 17 years ago, to bring jazz fans like yourselves, a place to go to hear incredible jazz music and to meet and hear some of the finest jazz musicians performing today.

Additionally, I knew in my heart that the venues who came on board with us to support this unique idea of "Neighborhood Jazz", would also reap the benefits of the local community supporting their establishments.

Hints on getting around the site: For those who dating sites for people who like house music want to see a quick view of the entire month, click our " Calendar " sidebar and scroll down the various club listings. For those wanting more performance detail at individual venues and directions on how to get there, a quick click on the "Venue" name will offer you a closer look.

And, we're very excited about offering you a "Links" page so you can go to your favorite musicians web-site to read more and listen to music samples of their work! Stay tuned for the "official roll-out" date. It's abolutely free to you, and each month we will send you weekly listings of who's where and what's hot!